Fun Things You Can Do On A HoverBoard or Swegway

Fun Things You Can Do On A Hover Board or Swegway

The hover board is one amazing equipment to own because fun never stops with it. The Hover board is kind of a relatively new technology but its popularity has grown quite outrageously since it was invented some few years ago. You sure will agree with me that everybody love hover boards, right? Yeah, I thought as much. Hover board is the new cool. One beautiful thing about hover boards is that the list of amazing and fun tricks you can perform while on it is just endless. In this article, we will teach you some of these totally fun things you can do on a Hoverboard Lamborghini.

The Butterfly Trick: This trick is performed by gingerly sitting on one edge of your board and counterbalancing your feet on the opposite footpad with your knees bent and facing upward such that it looks like the wings of a butterfly spread open and then gliding back and forth by pressing your feet down on the footpad while you lean backwards and forward.

The One-Eighty Trick: The one-eighty trick is performed by finding balance on your board, bending your knees a bit, then jump and twist at the same time such that your board spins in a 180 degree turn and then land on the board again without falling. This trick might be risky, so you should make sure to perform it in a safe place plus you should use enough practice before pulling the stunt.

The Tootsie Roll: To perform the Tootsie Roll, you should quickly glide forward on your board and then hop backward off the board so that it rolls over. Allow the board to roll all the way and hop back on when the footpads are facing upward again. Just like the one-eighty, this trick might be quite risky too so you should perform it in a safe place and use a lot of practice for it too.


The fun with hoverboards never ends as there are a thousand and one fun tricks you can easily perform while on it. However, it is very much advisable that you be very careful while trying out these tricks so you do not injure yourself.

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